Beaming Sutton
Road trip to Sutton

Beaming Sutton
Photos by Andy Vathis

At last the planet comes closer to the sun. But even if the snow has melted from Beaupré to Bromont, something seems to have survived the winter, fixed like icicles hanging in the shadows. Like a feeling of freedom that never evaporated. Thanks to Devinci, who sent something special last fall to celebrate the end of our race calendar: two DCs for some extra fun. Looking back on a post-season ride during which we ate up the mountains all day long.

It begins at dawn on route 139, heading towards Sutton Flat. While it’s time for the seasonal wrap-up, our hearts still belong to the mountain. And when the mountain calls, there’s no denying it for Quebexicans. Hugo has never ridden in Sutton and this will be his baptism of fire on the electric beast. A fun-filled outing. Our cheeks hurt before we even get there. But let’s face it, although we’re taking out the DCs, it’s not without some concern about the weight, the large tires… we’re not sold on the bikes yet, but as soon as we catch a glimpse of the Green Mountains Nature Reserve, we just can’t wait to ride them. We’re chasing trails like two overjoyed kids. Before we set off, we take one last perplexed glimpse at our Shimano motor underneath the stationary chairlifts and then boom—the fun begins! Hugo looks like a mountain goat riding a roller coaster. The mountain seems to cave in, and we feel like we’re going to take off upon reaching the summit. It’s insane. Nothing is impossible. The question in our adrenaline-filled minds isn’t why ride E-bikes anymore, but rather, why not try this crazy line? Everything becomes funny: the climbs, the curves, the boulders, our faces…

We cover so much distance that time seems to slow down. Isn’t life beautiful on a bike? The Sutton Mountains and the autumn sun seem to know each other like two old friends. The ground covered with ferns and dead leaves shelters a thousand shades of red and green. And besides the wild autumnal beauty of the boreal forest, the feeling of independence and freedom on our supercharged DC bikes is incomparable. The more the day progresses, the more we tame the beast. We pick up downhills at an incredible pace. Much to our surprise, the bike is more stable and manoeuvrable than we first thought. We even forget about its weight. It goes fast and it rides hard. The DC makes us more than mountain bike enthusiasts, it turns us into adventurers! Two Quebexicans on the loose! We could have swallowed up the entire range of the Green Mountains and maybe even the Adirondacks if it weren’t for Lake Champlain and the falling night!

What an electrifying day. Riding for the fun of it. Period.

The perfect weapons of attack for the trails of Sutton

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