"The Wright Line"
Maydena Bike Park

The Wright Line - 'Maydena Bike Park'

Can there ever be a right line when creativity leaves every trail open to experimentation? From New Zealand’s Rotorua, Cardrona and Wairoa Valley to obscure island areas like Te Tihi o Tawa and Derby, Tasmania, Keegan Wright has taken us on a tour of incredible lines. Fast and dry, wet and twisted, groomed and gravity fed—each trail has given a glimpse of how incredible the riding is way down unda. The last stop on this journey takes place at Maydena Bike Park in Tasmania.

Each segment Keegan has shown what a Wright Line is. See, trails and geography are only half the equation. It’s this young New Zealand native’s riding that truly brings the terra to life. The Wright Line series has spanned over two years, Keegan pinned all the while. We’ve grown fond of this one-of-a-kind Kiwi’s passion and positivity. How he blends speed and style is truly remarkable, too. His blazing fast, wickedly precise and playful lines light up each video in a way that ignites a bit of passion in all of us. Now press play.

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Rider : Keegan Wright  Film/Photos : John Colthorpe